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Staying in touch with your heart,

 is essential to being grateful in life and thereby feeling happy.


 Gratitude is the way.

We believe gratitude is the heart of happiness. Being grateful for a special moment in life you captured, or a piece of digital art you love, means being happy. And everyone deserves to be able to easily and affordably frame some of that happiness and hang it in their home.

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Our Story


Sweet serendipity.

One afternoon, Heidi was driving her ’66 Mustang through a street in Amsterdam. Shortly after, Mick tapped her on the shoulder in the supermarket. They moved to New York City where they met Howard. Turns out, Howard spent his New Zealand childhood summers on the same beach as Heidi. 

Four years later, Mick still didn't

have their wedding photos framed.

Mick and Heidi shipped the Mustang to New Zealand, where they got married in 2013 on a beautiful day on the dunes of Pauanui beach. Back in New York, Mick got frustrated with the many obstacles of framing and decided to do something about it.

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We started an Etsy store...

Having framed a few photos and some digital art, we got taste for more. Our Etsy customers taught us how to always go beyond and told us that the custom framing industry needs a shake-up.

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...and quit our jobs to create our own.

In our spare time, we started to sketch out a mobile app that we wanted our friends to use. With a need for more time, and a little baby on her way, we flew to New Zealand to reconnect with family and work together to finish our app and launch Framafoto.


Framafoto was created with a vision to

combine convenience, quality and design,

with least possible harm to our planet. 

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Our Promise

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No hassle.

We wanted to make framing easier for you, whilst giving you tools to be creative.   That’s why our service does the printing, custom framing and shipping all together, for an affordable price.    And if you’re not happy, we’ll make it right.

Hand made.

The best memories last, and so do our high quality frames. Hand made here in the US, by people with proud for good work.   Always looking for eco friendly materials, never using plastics because those harm our oceans.   Made with hands that feel the materials and triple check things before handing it to the next pair.

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Design is always on moving and New York City is the heart of this.   That’s why we’re often out looking for inspiration to create fresh layouts and modern styles, suitable for both photographers and homes.


Founded by a team who appreciates the little things in life.  


    At Framafoto, we treat you like we want to be treated. We are a humble group, always looking for the bright side of life.    We cherish moments of reflection, and celebrate the big and the small. We follow our instinct and strive for the best, but are by no means perfect. We are passionate about design, curious about technology  that make things easier and always look for ways to repurpose and recycle.

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Our Team

Meet the founders

Howard is the one with the long beard,  Heidi the one with the long lashes, and Mick the one with the 80’s moustache.

Beautiful frame! I loved that they frame your photo for you! It is absolutely stunning. Shipped quick too. Also loved that I could see a preview first.   ~ Nichole M. , ETSY customer

Hang More Happiness in Your Home

 The easy and fun app for printing and custom framing from your phone.




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Here to inspire gratefulness.


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