How to Frame – Color Confidence

White? Black? Green? No-one needs untimely wrinkles from trying to choose a frame color. Previewing a shortlist of images in different frames is the way forward. Try previewing your own images in our app and here’s what to look for.

Similar Tones 

 Match warm images (with tones like red, orange, or brown in them) with warm frames like woods, cream, or off-white. Avoid silver or extreme whites. Similarly, match cooler images (with tones like gray, blue, or green in them) with cool colored frames like white, german silver, or frosted pewter.


Color Intensity

Are the colors in your image quite bright or desaturated? Bright colored images are a bit harder to frame because of the risk of them clashing with your frame. Go with neutral frames like a black metal or natural wood to keep the image the focus. Desaturated images are softer and easier. Try a soft-toned frame like white wash or frosted gold.

A Dominant Color

You can go two ways with this. Matching or complementary. Matching a dominant color in your image with the same color frame is straight-forward for gray, white, or black. Trying to match a very distinct color like red though? Definitely more challenging. Unless the reds look the same, we’d say steer clear because the mis-match is what people will focus on instead of the image. Going the complementary route? Nature shots that are predominately green look great in browns and natural woods. Summer vacation shots that are predominately blue look great in light metals and white.