Simple Starting Points for Picture Framing

Hands up who feels a bit overwhelmed when it comes to picture framing? Some simple starting points can boost your decision-making confidence. Here’s how to get prepped.

Shortlist Your Images

Don’t limit yourself to just one image you are considering framing. Images can take on a different feeling once you see them in a frame. Save a shortlist of favorites, which you can easily do in our app, then previewing them in our frames will be a breeze. 


Collect Inspiration

Decision-making angst often comes from not knowing what you want. Pin and bookmark inspiration that catches your eye, then narrow it down to just what you love. Our Instagram feed has lots of ideas. Flick through your inspiration just before you start your framing project, to remind yourself of the look you’re going for.


Choose Your Wall

Where you hang your framed print, or lean it, can influence your frame choice. Will it be on a big, light wall? Above a bed? Next to other frames? Settling on a location, or two possible locations, before you start a framing project will give you the criteria you need to make better styling decisions.


Size It Up

The golden rule here is go bigger than you think. Wall mounted frames are mostly admired from a distance, so if you find yourself holding your hands apart (yep, we do that too) and thinking “whoa, that’s too big” it likely won’t be once it’s on a wall.

Our advice? Look at your wall from where you’d normally stand or sit in the room, and imagine the ideal width of the frame across its lower edge. Keep your eye on those two outer points and mark each with a piece of masking tape. Stand back, and do the same for the ideal height, placing markers straight up from the two lower edge markers. Keep adjusting till your four markers map out your ideal frame size – then measure your imaginary frame. This will give you a good idea which frame size to go for. 

Pro Tip:  Most frame sizes (definitely ours) are measured from the inside edge of the frame. Why? Because the width of the actual frame styles vary so much (thin metal frames vs thick wooden styles… you get the idea). Plus, it means the space around your image remains consistent no matter which frame style you choose. So smart!

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