Our Story

Our story started on a beach in 2014. Co-founder Mick was taking a photo of the surf, feeling grateful for another one of life’s happy moments.

He was standing right where he’d gotten married a year ago. A bunch of great photos were taken that day too, but he and his wife Heidi still hadn’t framed any. Getting it done always seemed like a time-consuming hassle instead of a fun, creative project. And so, hidden away on a drive those photos stayed, along with many others from their travels, family moments, and good times.

Back in New York, they kept thinking – if we want to be able to easily, creatively, and affordably hang happiness in our home, then maybe others do too?

They teamed up with their good friend Howard, and after many long nights discussing UX designs, pouring over details that would make the app a truly creative experience, and designing frame products that were simple and stylish...Framafoto was born.

Building our business is more than just a practicality to us. We believe it’s important to be in this with the right intentions – to help people create happiness, whether you're a busy mom, a stylish home-maker, or a photographer, and to do right by the planet along the way, especially the oceans, which we all have a soft spot for. So, we also work following the three R’s; Reduce Waste, Reuse, and Recycle, and we minimize our use of materials such as plastic, as that’s the ocean’s biggest enemy.

Today, the journey continues, with amazing support from our friends, family, and you, our customers. And we hope that for many years we can continue to help you hang more happiness in your homes.

— ­Mick, Heidi, and Howard.