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How it All Began

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Our Framafoto story started on a beach in 2014. Co-founder Mick was standing with his toes in the warm sand, checking out the surf, feeling grateful for another one of life’s happy moments. So, he took a snap on his phone. 


He was standing right where he’d got married a year ago. There were a bunch of great photos taken that day too, but he still hadn’t framed any. He’d tried, but it always ended up being a time-consuming hassle that never lived up to the fun, creative project he’d hoped it would be. And so, hidden away on a drive those photos stayed. Along with the one looking out at the surf, and many others on his camera roll from his travels, family moments, and good times.

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Back in New York, Mick had been throwing around a few business ideas, but his focus soon became the one about a creative custom framing app. A hobby iPhoneographer, he’d logged a lot of his life’s journey visually, and hanging on the walls of his home were his favorite moments. The photos made him happy and were often conversation starters too. He kept thinking – if I want to be able to easily, creatively, and affordably hang happiness in my home, then maybe others do too? 


The idea stuck and soon after, he got his wife, Heidi, and good friend, Howard, on board. That’s us.


We all quit our day jobs at the end of 2016 to see where this path would lead. We had some long nights discussing UX designs, pouring over details that would make the app a truly creative experience, and designing frame products that were simple and stylish.  


We thought about you a lot, too. Whether you’re a busy mom, a photographer, or an artist. How could we make your life easier? And inspire your creativity? The hard work paid off in May 2017 when the first release hit the U.S. App Store. Just quietly. But it was an exciting day. A few months later we’d dealt to a few bugs and our next release was ready, and we were ready to tell everyone.

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Building a business has been more than just a practicality to us. We believe it’s important to be in this with the right intentions – to build a business that helps people create happiness and to do right by the planet along the way, especially the oceans, which we all have a soft spot for. That’s why we work following the three R’s: Reduce Waste, Reuse, and Recycle. And we minimize our use of materials such as plastic, as that’s the ocean’s biggest enemy. 


Today, our journey keeps on rolling, with amazing support from our friends, family, and you – our customers. So, we’re going to hang on in here, and continue to help you hang more happiness in your homes.   


— ­Mick, Heidi, and Howard







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